My Heart Was Drowning, But Here’s How I Saved It

I’m going to come clean. Depression is the worst thing that can happen in a person’s life.

We start growing up and realize that, all the fairytales & fantasies of falling in love are not all ‘happily ever afters’. The harsh reality ladies and gentlemen, no matter how much we try to hide away from love’s satisfaction and heartaches, pain is inevitable. What else could be worst, is how we are left in this world to face and cope up with it.

So, under my blanket of tears, doubts, fears and lack of self-love. I’m back on my feet and decided to write about motivating myself and to the dearly affected.

This letter is dedicated to those who fell into the black hole of the dreaded state of melancholy who,

  • cried and wept, twice as hard like how I did;
  • shut themselves away from the world, like how I did;
  • hurt themselves by blaming, doubting and hurting, just like how I did;
  • complained and questioned pain, just like how I did.
  • thought poorly about their decisions or may have regretted actions, just as how I did

    And above all, those who stayed true to the one they love.

I ended 2017 and started 2018, completely broken.

My heart sank, it drowned up to the deepest floor of the ocean. At that time, nothing stood afloat except for the remaining love I spared for what was left to love.

For a moment I thought my world was doing fine. Friends & family believed that the relationship was making a breakthrough, by making the best out of the distance and space that challenged us. A breather moment that determined the misunderstandings that were faced and how both parties were unaware of what the heart and mind was really trying to say.

As the saying goes, “If you really love the person, you let them go.” One of the most cliché and subjective advices about being in love, which is the sad truth.

My heart was drowning, and indeed it still is. I mourned the pain of letting go of someone endearing to me for a “better” future. I came to realize that, this was not a “high school fling” or “puppy love”. We weren’t kids anymore but a growing couple that did not care about anything in the world except for the happiness that was shared.

“His love made me believe that above everything and anyone else, nothing compares. The love that was equally shared with imperfections, but fought entirely until realized.”

For the first time in my life, I gave myself in to the situation and settled to see where our lives will live up to, and until when we can keep this separation. Until where we can find our happiness, either together or separately.



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What Makes We.Hrvst Lifestyle Unique


The year 2017 has a great year for We.Hrvst Lifestyle, and has been even greater for its associates and partners. For almost 4 years since the brand planted its seeds as a street wear brand in the heart of Washington D.C. it expanded to Manila, Toronto, Dublin and Hong Kong and re branded by the year 2015. Last year, the brand garnered its first ever article to make almost 50,000 hits. Since then we continued to hustle and continue the grind, leveling the things we usually do up one level at a time.   In this article we would like to set an emphasis on who we are and what we do, so that the next time you see someone on our future articles, you’d know what’s up.

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Exploring Bangkok: My Indochina Story

    I have always been curious…

about how Thailand reigns to be a must-see and the most visited country in Asia. Is it because tourists flock to visit their temples? Is it because of their religion or because of the immersion of diverse cultures? or tourists only wants to grasp the taste of authentic Thai cuisine? My curiosity got me excited which pushed me to explore more about this country.

For my first Indochina journey, I chose Bangkok as my gateway. And tell you, I was not only surprised but I was also amazed.

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So, you’re planning to take on the Indochina Experience?

If you’re answer is delightfully yes then you’re definitely reading the right article. In this blog I have formulated a guide of how to conquer your Indochina backpacking experience.

South East Asia has definitely become an astounding journey for me. Filled with a combination of having rich cultural and historical background. It has also been a favored destination for tourists from around the world.
I let my sincere interest to travel and discover Indochina by allowing my independent freedom choose the activities set for me.

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