Humble Hustlers of The Month: January 2018 | UGB’s Four Horsemen


Starting 2018 on a right note with the Four Horsemen of one of the premier MMA promotions in the Philippines-Underground Battle MMA as our Humble Hustlers of the month of January.

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What Makes We.Hrvst Lifestyle Unique


The year 2017 has a great year for We.Hrvst Lifestyle, and has been even greater for its associates and partners. For almost 4 years since the brand planted its seeds as a street wear brand in the heart of Washington D.C. it expanded to Manila, Toronto, Dublin and Hong Kong and re branded by the year 2015. Last year, the brand garnered its first ever article to make almost 50,000 hits. Since then we continued to hustle and continue the grind, leveling the things we usually do up one level at a time.   In this article we would like to set an emphasis on who we are and what we do, so that the next time you see someone on our future articles, you’d know what’s up.

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Exploring Bangkok: My Indochina Story

    I have always been curious…

about how Thailand reigns to be a must-see and the most visited country in Asia. Is it because tourists flock to visit their temples? Is it because of their religion or because of the immersion of diverse cultures? or tourists only wants to grasp the taste of authentic Thai cuisine? My curiosity got me excited which pushed me to explore more about this country.

For my first Indochina journey, I chose Bangkok as my gateway. And tell you, I was not only surprised but I was also amazed.

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So, you’re planning to take on the Indochina Experience?

If you’re answer is delightfully yes then you’re definitely reading the right article. In this blog I have formulated a guide of how to conquer your Indochina backpacking experience.

South East Asia has definitely become an astounding journey for me. Filled with a combination of having rich cultural and historical background. It has also been a favored destination for tourists from around the world.
I let my sincere interest to travel and discover Indochina by allowing my independent freedom choose the activities set for me.

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Things You Can Ask From Your Cabin Crew That You Never Knew:




Let’s be real…

The biggest struggle of traveling is not only the packing, checking -in, baggage concerns etc. but also trying to keep yourself comfortable in flight. A number of people try to surpass the fear of flying and tell you there are numerous ways to handle this stress. As they say ‘the airplane is your home in the sky’.

This article aims to ensure your flight safety and comfort as an utmost concern in flight. It also would give insight to passengers on items we may have on board but may have certain restrictions and consequences of items to give. You may probably be aware or unaware of items used in flight or as part of service. But are you aware that there may be a few other things that you can ask? As a cabin crew, it is always safe and free to ask your cabin crew on a few extra items that you may need to enjoy your flight with us. However not all items may be available or found on board. This could be reasons of the type of airline, adhering to airline standards and also listed items under acceptable goods in flight. Whether you’re riding a low cost airline or an international carrier. Flying business class or coach economy, most items may not be found on all flights but ideally may have other options. Often times passengers, choose to bring home items already in the plane. As long as it’s not an emergency equipment, it’s always better to ask your cabin crew or leave it. We don’t want passengers to get into trouble! I took the initiative to interview and ask some friends from the crew industry to help our passengers well informed about things they can ask from cabin crew. Whether you’re traveling short or long distance, your cabin crew are there to ensure that passengers needs are addressed in order to have a safe and comfortable journey. Here are a few items that are typically found in flight and that you can ask from you cabin crew that you never knew you can request: