Continuous Growth: Purveyr Pursuit Fair Vol. 3



Continuous effort for progress is what we really need in order for us to create a culture that will stand out, be heard and be seen. The urban culture in the Philippines have been evolving because of the efforts of brand’s like Purveyr, and there’s no means of stopping anytime soon. Seems like there’s no other way, but up.

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We.Hrvst Lifestyle To Re-Launch COMMONGRND TV


We.Hrvst Lifestyle will relaunch it’s former segment Commongrnd TV. An athletic segment that aims to gather different basketball players,enthusiasts and fan, both male and female from ages 10 and above and eventually form a team to roam around the country and spread the love and grind of basketball.

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Secrets Anxieuses


Vous sortez avec vos amis, ayant la meilleure nuit de votre vie. Puis soudain il vous frappe. Vous vous sentez vers le bas, mais vous n’êtes pas physiquement. Vous essayez de traiter les choses. Vous ne pouvez pas se concentrer assez bien. Votre monde grottes sur vous, à cause d’une mauvaise mémoire? Un sentiment que vous avez connu auparavant? Une expérience traumatisante? Vous ne savez pas. Votre esprit ne peut pas traiter même juste une chose à la fois. Vous ne pouvez pas contrôler vos pensées. Mais vous regardez bien devant vos amis. Vous êtes pris de panique à l’intérieur, mais vous n’êtes pas leur dire.

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Aesthetic Series: Stroke Art Zine


Ideas, passion and creativity can die. But there’s this one platform who has this much potential as superman to save them. It has always been a struggle for new artists to show their works. You have to get up in the morning, come up with a new idea, grind for the day and hope that someone might get an interest in your work, based from my friend’s experience. Audience is a major key factor. (I mean how many in a hundred would really appreciate your work with the interest of telling others about it? See what I mean?).

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Aesthetic Series: Beers and Burners


Graffiti. One of the elements of the underground scene of hiphop. It is alive and breathing through the streets of Metro Manila, filling the streets with color but behind every tag or throw, there is always a story to tell. It is not just merely a one man thing, but the scene also has its own gatherings or events where every graffiti artist or grapista (as we call it) from different areas gather to share ideas, culture, music and art. Most of them comes from various graffiti crews. We take you to one of the many events that keeps the graffiti scene alive. Beers and Burners.


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Sneakerhead Useful Jargon Everyone Should Know


With the growing community of Sneakerheads gradually adding up on each and every release, I think it’s better to give the public some knowledge on the jargon and terminologies on sneaker culture

It’s just necessary to know these jargons for newbies to be able to transact and trade with sneakerheads without any terminology barriers. This will also help both parties to cut the inquiries short. so Let’s begin.

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