Stories of Success: Miguel Aldeguer


An athlete’s journey to success is not a walk in the park. You got to have serious dedication inside your pockets and a series of continuous motivation in your hands. People may trample you on your way to the finish line, others may even discourage you. But if you focus like Miguel Renzo Aldeguer, Success is just at the end of the tunnel.


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Project 4 Productions Collabs with We.Hrvst for a Fundraiser

Here at We.Hrvst Lifestyle, we are always ready to help someone out. Whether it is for a personal purpose or a civil cause, there’s always a time for our brand to reach out.


As part of this long running advocacy of helping passionate people out. We are proudly collaborating with collaborate with Project 4 Productions. This collaboration is for the treatment of Ms. Raquel Tugade. For Tickets please go to their Facebook page.

Opportunities At We.Hrvst Lifestyle

Every business that is being operated by a single man needs subordinates. This opens up a lot of opportunities of course, these subordinates needs people to work for them. And the people under them will either work their asses off for a good pay, or slack the hell out of things and stick to where they are till they retire-or get fired. Other companies promise gold and silver in exchange for your hard work, and in the end you’ll get nothing but a nickel and a penny for a dollar-worth of work. Here in We.Hrvst Lifestyle, its different

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Ready For War: WSOF-GC Manila

Less than two weeks till the the war between an American Cop vs a Russian Cop goes down in  Manila for the World Series of Fighting Global Championship Presents  WSOF-GC3: Philiippines VS The World featuring the fighters from all four corners of the world.

This event is made possible by the efforts of one of Asia’s premeir MMA promotions, The Underground Battle MMA based in Manila Philippines. The event features a lot of local fighters ready to break their own barriers and embrace the MMA Limelight. Packed with a lot of Talents from Amateur to Pro ready to grab their dream to be one of the best MMA Fighters in the world.

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Keep It Grounded: Rise to Glory Story of an MMA Promoter

A lot of men have experienced being separated to their loved ones and start pledging for the military and putting their own precious lives at stake to serve and protect the country. Everyone who have experienced the struggle of being a combat personnel suffers extensive trauma and other psychological and physiological conditions and ailments before and after they retire, others doesn’t even have the chance to go home and retire.

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Ready For War

Last March 2016, Underground Battle MMA Philippines, established  a successful World Class MMA Event as it finally embraced WSOF ( World Series of Fighting). UGB MMA PH is the only premier MMA Promotion in the Philippines that is accredited by the World Series of Fighting Global Championship alongside with the other big promotions from Europe, USA and other Asian countries like Thailand and Japan. Standing proud with world class fighters from all four corners of the world, raising champions one by one.

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