Pay It Forward


To “Pay It Forward” basically the main goal of the recently launched Project 4 Productions. Packed and loaded with local independent bands of all genres, they planted their flag with a bright and promising future ahead.




Project 4 Productions recently had their official launch last April 21, 2017 at Route 196, in Katipunan Quezon City. Spearheaded by Kimi Buendia and her team, successfully organized an event loaded with lots of talents from around the metro,. The event was packed with young music enthusiasts and young artists, and we’re here to feature you some of the artist our Manila crew bumped into.

Getting to Know

First we asked, Kimi and Ema about their production. Of all the names possible why do they name their production “Project 4” and not with something else.

“Why Project 4? We make Project for Productions. We try to help local bands and local business in terms of exposure. Plus there are a lot of bands who’s asking help from me, so i decided to put up my own production and basically make those bands/business be promoted in a more organized way.”

Project 4 Productions team is composed of Kimi Buendia as their Event Organizer, Ema Regis as their Graphic Designer, Jonathan Neri and Denise Viola as their hosts.

More Than What Your Eyes Can See

One thing that made this event organized by Project 4 Productions really stand out from the others is that, the event doesn’t only feature local bands but they also have Magicians on board.


Magic Manila is a group of street magicians, or mentalists (as what they classify more of their group) that perform magic on events similar to this. They perform in the streets and bars and other events.

“Most of us are mentalists, we read minds but we’re not psychics. We do a combination of magic and hypnosis.” – Ian Estrella

Most of the members of Magic Manila started out as a close-up magicians, but they adjusted so they can perform in events like this.


You can check their page at 

Not Your Usual Cup Of Coffee


The first act of the evening is an acoustic duo comprised of two stunning ladies, Francine and Pauline, also known as Frapauccino. Frapauccino, is an acoustic duo based in Manila. Francine and Pauline have the same interest in music that lead them into making a duo. aside from Frapauccino, Pauline is also a member of another local band Carousel Casualties having their EP Launch on May 19,2017, while Francine will be full-time singer in Hong Kong Disneyland! (Free tickets please?).

So why Fraupauccino? well it’s basically a combination of their names, from Frapau and decided to stick with Fraupauccino.

“We decided to stick with FraPauccino because, syempre when you listen to us, it makes your cup of coffee warm”


Calling Them Calein.

Calein started around 2015 and have done a lot of gigs ever since. Calein means an awesome person so they decided to stick with name. Calein is comprised of JD Mustacho, Kelvin Aydalla, Jearlo Changco, CJ Tamayo.


Calein already have their EPs (Ready To Go and Missing You) already available on Spotify so make sure you check them out.


“This is our first time working with Project 4 Productions and we’re really impressed! We had a blast playing win front of a massive Crowd. Their staff is very accommodating as well”


Click this link to know more about Calein and their music

A Night with the Pack.

ST. WOLF is one of much awaited bands during that night. St. Wolf’s name came from a balance of everything, Saint for the good side and Wolf for more of the bad side, it also reflects on the band’s main mantra which is looking for the right balance in music. They started playing together during Benilde’s Music Wednesdays.


St. Wolf’s single PAPARA instantly became a hit among the members of We.Hrvst Lifestyle so we ask what inspired them to write the hit song.


“Papara, is a song that started with rejection and being alone, but later on realizing you’re not alone and you’re better off with something else other than drowning yourself with self pity.”

DSCN1067.JPGClick this link to listen to St. Wolf’s Papara

Also don’t forget to like their pages on Facebook and follow them on their socials for updates on their gig schedules!

For a Promising Future!


Project 4 Productions certainly have something to give back to the local music scene, with their broad connections and undeniably talented artist in their pockets, the future is definitely bright for them.  From We.Hrvst Lifestyle Manila, Seattle, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington DC, Dublin and Hong Kong, Congratulations Project 4  Productions!!!



Article by Mackie Daus


Project 4 Production Official Facebook Page

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