3 Bloggers to Watch Out for this 2017


Blogging is an online trend wherein people can share their thoughts and their adventures. Bloggers frequently share their thoughts and experiences online.

There are countless of bloggers around the world, and there are a lot of types of bloggers that you can read on. Travel Bloggers share their travel experiences and give strong recommendations on what can a fellow travel enthusiasts or even a simple tourist can refer to. Travel blogging is also a way to promoting a country’s tourism. Then there are these Foodies, or Food Bloggers. Food Bloggers often share their thoughts and experiences with a new restaurant or food chain. Other food bloggers go up the notch and may be considered as a food critic. These food critics share their recommendations base on how does the food taste, the quality of service, the location, and the vibe inside that certain food establishment. Another type of a blogger is the Lifestyle/Social Blogger. Lifestyle/Social Bloggers usually share their thoughts on everything. Lifestyle Blogging is very much like of a journal, and a combination of both Travel blogging and Food Blogging. Lifestyle bloggers also share sentiments on Fashion, Culture, Arts, Sports, Photography (Photo blogging) and Music. Some social bloggers also share their opinions on current events and other political events happening around the world.

Without further adieu, we present you We.Hrvst Lifestyle’s Top 5 Bloggers to follow this year!

  1.  HOW TO MU


How To Mu is a lifestyle blog spearheaded by a We.Hrvst Resident and host Joan Mu . Joan’s blog is basically a mix of everything under the sun. From life and love lessons, to photography. She often blog about the rising trend of food parks in Manila and gives a very simple yet detail review of the foods she write about.

Click here to visit howtomu

2. The Treille



Courtesy of Where Nielle Eats

Wait. Does this bubbly girl look familiar to you? She is familiar because she is our March Madness Humble Hustler of the Month . Aside from cheer leading, didn’t we mention that Danielle Marabe also loves to travel and a blogger herself. The Treille(Trevor and Nielle) Duo shares their adventures through blogging and sharing their experiences in every place the visit. Click Here to visit their page and oh, don’t forget their hashtag #FollowTheTreille.

3. Miss Kalibutan


Miss Kalibutan is a Travel and Social Awareness blog managed by one of the founders of We.Hrvst Lifestyle Kimi Siao. Kalibutan means the “world” in Bisaya, a dialect in the Philippines. Miss Kalibutan features her travels on her “The World We See” category and spreads the untold stories and social awareness on her “The World Untold” category.

Click Here to visit Miss Kalibutan 

Words by Stephen Guia

We.Hrvst Lifestyle Toronto


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