Touch Me, Not


Through the extreme efforts of the executives of the brand, we bring you Touch Me, Not. A collaborative project of Miss Kalibutan and We.Hrvst Lifestyle for this year’s International Women’s Day.

In this project we will show you the untold side of our present world. We’re the media tends to cover up and people being silenced on the suffering that they’re currently experiencing.

Touch Me, Not is the original English translation of Jose Rizal’s Novel “Noli Me Tangere” that opened the eyes of Filipinos, unchaining them to the shackles of the unlawful treatment of the Spaniards to the Filipinos.

Much to his literature, one of the main characters that Rizal mentioned was Padre (Father) Damaso playing the role as a high priest and icon of the Catholic church back then. I can recall that ‘Damaso’ was a cruel man that criticized anyone who went against the church’s doctrines and ‘generous’ actions. But let’s not forget that he was also the biological father of Filipina sweetheart Maria Clara , which eventually revealed that he raped Doña Pia Alba.

IMG_1511Damaso, and other church official became an interpretation of the so-called church’s influence. It became a reason why many despised the actions of the church. These men, were made to find power by physically abusing and sexually harassing young women and children in the past.

Sexual abuses dates back to the Spanish period, I remembered a scene in the Noli Me Tangere movie where it shows a woman, made to lie naked in a bed. The next scene presents a man dressed in brown, crawling up to the poor naked woman.

At present day, a source from the Philippine Commission on Women states that “one in five women aged 15-49 has experienced physical violence since age 15; 14.4 percent married women suffered physical abuse from their husbands; and more than one-third (37%) of separated or widowed women have experienced physical violence”. Now the rest is unimaginable.

I won’t be dwelling much on numbers and figures, but focusing on letting my readers get a clear awareness of a growing number of ‘Damaso’ in the modern era.

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