Tough Ones: Year Ender

It has been a tough year for the brand. And also a tough one for the owners. but. With their love and passion, we continue to grind.


Early 2016. We had three features that catapulted the brand to the most northern and most southern part of Asia, simultaneously while making a name for the brand in other parts of the globe. We started our 2016 with Jina Kim and Clodin Orihara for our humble hustlers for the months of February and March respectively. Then we had our first collaborations with Ferdie Abadilla Munasyac and the World Series of Fighting-Global Championship.



Jina Kim


Clodin Orihara


Then we had our friends Justin Ilagan and Kimi Siao hitting the blog board with an overwhelming street and travel article. Innovating the modern grind by adding a bit of spice to your daily lives.



And then there was silence. Silence not because we stopped. Silence, because we grew. We gave ourselves some room to grow as a person and as a lifestyle brand. By doing this we saw who can stay and who’ll leave us eventually. We tested each other’s loyalty within the brand and with the inner circles of our circle of friends. We saw who’s passionate and who stays because of the money.  The owners concentrated on their personal endeavors. Answered their calling as an athlete. Answered their calling as students. Our founders just finished his academic studies and the other just embraced the life of a college student. Our co-owners tried out new things. Then we started cooking something new. For the first time our folks from Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London, San Francisco, Dublin, Seattle, Chicago and Toronto joined forces with our brands Headquarters here in Manila.


Kids On The Block gives our brand a new boost and a new life. Still under the same name, we will be conducting and taking our passion to a whole new level. It will be a web-based show running for an hour wherein we’ll be talking about the current lifestyle trends, promoting culture, and art.


Then  the Family grew bigger. With Tria Urbano, Zai Pamintuan, Joan Mu adding up to the current 8-man squad of We.Hrvst Lifestyle. The crew also expanded adding two more professional photographers to the current 12-man media crew.

“It was a blessing, Joan, Tria, and Zai is a blessing. (laughs) I can still remember that time wherein the brand really needed a women’s perspective on things to balance things out. Tria is very talented, you can see the potential. Others even comment that Tria is like a 21 year old 6 foot 2 supermodel in a body of a 5th grader. Zai is that geeky girl with a jolly personality and Joan is that candid-looking young lady who shares the same passion as the brand. its like having sugar spice and everything nice and having our very own powerpuff girls. This will not only give the brand a women’s perspective but also give the brand a more diverse world” -Mackie Daus

Then we add Joseph Laquihon, to the media team. Making it the more diverse team a brand could ever have. Aside from KOTB launching this April 2017, the brand will also be releasing it’s first line of jeans and toddler collections.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for a memorable 2016. To the media staff, to our friends who stayed, and also for those who left. Thank you. and a Happy New Year to all of you.



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