Three Stunning Ladies Completes The Squad.

After six months of screening and searching for talented individuals to complete the We.Hrvst Squad for their upcoming international web show. The brand finally found three stunning ladies that will finally complete the We.Hrvst Lifestyle Squad for the upcoming lifestyle show “Kids On The Block” that will be aired by April of this coming year. Joined by the owners of the brand are their partners in different industries and of course these three young, stunning and talented individuals. 


Kids On The Block is an upcoming lifestyle show wherein the hosts will tackle all sorts of things and feature people from all walks of life. KOTB aims to promote Street and Urban culture and its counterparts not only in Asia but aims to channel things through the social media and reach all four corners of the world. Sneaker Reviews, Interviews with artists and other individuals, Street-Smart tutorials and Food establishment reviews are just a few of the things in store for the brand’s followers to enjoy.

The brand just recently concluded a six month search for undeniably talented millennials to complete the KOTB Squad and prepares for a full-blast production by the early days of 2017. Online Sensation Tria Urbano, Stunning model Zai Pamintuan and Food and Lifestyle Blogger Joan Mu are the three lucky young adults that will join The We.Hrvst Lifestyle Squad.

Tria Urbano is not new to the business as she currently stars in an online gag-reel for teens together with a whole group of talented young actors and actresses. Tria also uploads vlogs about make up tutorials and fashion trend reviews via YouTube. oh, and girls, She loves make ups as much as your boyfriends love video games and sneakers so expect a whole lot of make-up tutorials and fashion tips and tricks on the upcoming KOTB season 1 series. Also she also has this innate wacky personality (like those of We.Hrvst’s Monica and Clodine) and passion for sneakers and street lifestyle made her a good fit and deserves a spot on the squad list.



Follow her on instagram @valentria_

A soft-spoken, adventurous lady who fancies food and at the same time is also a fitness junky is the second one to complete the squad. Zai Pamintuan. Started modelling by the age of 16 and have done a couple of modelling and photo shoots. Zai, is that geeky-looking not-so-typical fitness conscious living a healthy life type of girl. She also has this passion for maintaining a health lifestyle and wellness plus. Which will clearly fall under the fitness segments of the show.


follow her on instagram @zhrenepamintuan

And last but not the least. A tenured food and lifestyle blogger and urban lifestyle advocate Joan Mu. Given the fact that she blogs and shares the same sentiments and advocacy with the brand earned herself that last and final spot, completing the squad of 8 for the upcoming show. You can check her blog at


Follow her at instagram @howtomu

Also completes the squad are three of the closest friends of the brand. One beat boxer, the other is a sneaker head and the third is a male counterpart of Zai. Who are they? find out on the premier of Kids On The Block only here at We.Hrvst Lifestyle.

Follow us on twitter and instagram @wehrvst



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