NKOTB: Something to Watch out for this coming 2017

After almost 4 months of hiatus the CEOs of the brand finally declares that their back at it again. We.Hrvst Lifestyle is rising up again. There were rumors that after the robbery incident in its hub in the United States, fans and supporters immediately speculates of the brands possible closure.


“The brand is not and will not close, we’re here to leave a legacy and we’re here to stay” says one of the Owners of the brand.

On the other hand, despite a very difficult 2016, 2017 seems to be looking good for the brand and its partners as We.Hrvst Lifestyle will start the very first season of their first ever web-based show. The show NKOTB or New Kids on the Block will begin early 2017 and will be hosted with the We.Hrvst Media Crew (Commongrnd TV).

NKOTB is a web based show that will feature a lot of things from sneakers, sneaker heads and independent stores to athletes, musicians and artists. They will also upload tutorials on various things and also review different articles, food, news and apparel.

NKOTB is set to air late March of the year 2017.

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