Street Athlete: Humble Hustler Special Feature

An Athlete, Entrepreneur, Street Icon, Travel Blogger, Part-Time Food blogger, what more could you ask for a guy? Our main man for this special feature of We.Hrvst Humble Hustler Series, Justin Ilagan.


You might be wondering this is the second time we featured an Ilagan, first one is Clodin Orihara Ilagan of our March Madness Feature and we’re telling you, they’re not siblings and definitely nota married couple. they’re totally not related.  Or maybe being a humble hustler in this cruel and unpredictable world runs in the family (assuming they came from the same line-The Ilagans of Batangas).


Justin is an Athlete, once represented Pasig City in swimming and also once part of San Beda College’s Dragon Boat Team. Aside from being an athlete, Justin is also a grounded, subtle, street and sneaker icon. “I started making my baby steps in the sneaker/streetwear scene 2013, copping first pair on the same year and the addiction continues”



He is also an avid follower of the brands like Stussy, Supreme and other local brands. By the year 2014 and late 2015 he started making a name by establishing his first ever Streetwear brand. Together with his colleague they planted the seeds for Sovereignty Clothing PH. “What makes me interested in engaging into streetwear as an entrepreneur is the creativity of others and the freedom of expression through your designs makes your brand unique to others plus the challenge of continuing to appreciate other brands instead of tagging them as a potential competitor for my brand, plus of course let us not forget the main agenda-to support and help the urban fashion lifestyle grow here in the country”


Justin is not new to We.Hrvst since he is a very close friend of the Founders of the brand. And of course with the help of his friends from Red Trend (also a close friend of We.Hrvst  Lifestyle) and Maj Veloso of Team Streetwear Philippines (another close friend of We.Hrvst Lifestyle.) *Hi Maj!*


Aside from streetwear and urban lifestyle, he’s also into music. “I like listening to the tunes of Kanye West and Chance the Rapper”


Follow Justin on his Instagram and Twitter accounts at @Justinilagann and on Facebook at



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