Keep It Grounded: Rise to Glory Story of an MMA Promoter

A lot of men have experienced being separated to their loved ones and start pledging for the military and putting their own precious lives at stake to serve and protect the country. Everyone who have experienced the struggle of being a combat personnel suffers extensive trauma and other psychological and physiological conditions and ailments before and after they retire, others doesn’t even have the chance to go home and retire.



(photo from Ferdie’s FB page)

Retirement from the force perhaps is the most awaited thing ever to cross a mind of a noble serviceman. The beach, a retirement home just up the coast of a white sand beach, sitting on your favorite couch sipping in a glass of rum on the rocks. Sound awesome right? For some it is an idea of a perfect retirement.


Ferdie Abadilla Munsayac is a former United States Navy Chief and he has a very much unique way of retirement-a day job. After almost 20 years of service in the Navy, Ferdie decided to retire by the year 2008. And from that point on he invested his time not on a fancy beach house, sitting on a couch and a bottle of whiskey but to a community cause by way of Mixed Martial Arts. After his retirement he established his own Mixed Martial Arts gym providing FREE Martial Arts classes for those who are willing to learn MMA in the Philippines.



The Goat Locker MMA Gym with a slug “KapiranGOAT” (Kapirangot- a tagalog slang for less fortunate) similar to its cause to teach and motivate potential fighters and eventually give them a break to the MMA Professional Arena. From there he started channeling its scholars to their amateur-professional MMA careers with The Goat Locker’s very own MMA Franchise the Undergorund Battle MMA Championships which held its first MMA Event UGB 1 by 2013

UGB and Ferdie’s journey may be a successful one but then it wasn’t really easy. there are times that Ferdie hits the rock bottom in terms of financial concerns which even placed his Gym and everything he worked hard for at stake.

“I met Ferdie through a good friend of mine Toots Aldeguer, and from that point on I was so amazed that he managed to bring out the best for his MMA Franchise journey. People may misinterpret his success as an easy-money making success but no, I have seen him and his colleagues in his franchise endure the times wherein they lack funding, cancelling events, postponing everything and messing up their plan for the year. He even came to a point where he have risked everything including money from his own pockets.  Yes it looks easy, now that he owns a MMA franchise that is the only MMA Franchise in the Philippines that is internationally accredited by World Series of Fighting Global Championship. I know it was tough, but I also know that through his burning passion and dedication, he conquered everything. And what’s more surprising is, after all of the good things that is coming into place, he remained grounded and true to his roots.” – Mackie Daus (CEO We.Hrvst Lifestyle)

The Goat Locker Gym of Ferdie, now have a lot of scholars and currently being helped by the causes of Ferdie.



Now, UGB and Ferdie’s MMA Franchise journey is currently sailing on calm seas preparing for 2 high caliber MMA events coming up this June 25, 2016 for its UGB: Foreign Invasion 2 at the Don Bosco Gym in Mandaluyong City and its biggest event so far, World Series of Fighting Global championship 3: Philippines Vs the World on July 30, 2016 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. and not only that they will be giving away a staggering amount of 1 million pesos for a lucky fan on the 30th of July.



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