Ready For War

Last March 2016, Underground Battle MMA Philippines, established  a successful World Class MMA Event as it finally embraced WSOF ( World Series of Fighting). UGB MMA PH is the only premier MMA Promotion in the Philippines that is accredited by the World Series of Fighting Global Championship alongside with the other big promotions from Europe, USA and other Asian countries like Thailand and Japan. Standing proud with world class fighters from all four corners of the world, raising champions one by one.



Underground Battle MMA PH, is the only MMA promotion in the country that holds a reputation of giving potential fighters their break to the MMA limelight.

UGB will hold its Foreign Invasion 2 on June 25, 2016 at Don Bosco Mandaluyong Gym in the Philippines with promising fight cards. Not only that, on July 30, 2016, WSOF-GC will formally plant their seeds to grow in the MMA hungry soils of the country.



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