Fall In Love Over and Over Again with Jina Kim.

Annyeonghaseyo! We got an astonishing out of this country treat for you for the First Quarter of the year! We wanted to make sure that you start your 2016 right. So to motivate you, we’re bringing back Jina Kim as our We.Hrvst Humble Hustler for the month of February and March 2016.

wehrvst feature 1.png

Jina Kim is a 22 year old Korean from well of course, Korea who’s currently on her 3rd year as Diplomatic Affairs student. Jina was no stranger to WEHRVST as she and the owners of the brand were good friends.

Jina is a very jolly person with a very much more lively personality. Some people view her as a snob, or some we’re just afraid to approach her because of her intimidating appearance.

wehrvst feature 2.png

We asked her couple of questions to get to know her more. And we are surprised on her answers!

W: Jina, what do you like about the Philippines?

Jina: “What I like about the Philippines? Well hmm.. I love the people here in the Philippines and specially the kids!”

W: What’s your favorite Filipino dish/Food

Jina: Beef Kaldereta! I love super spicy food as well!

W: Have you tried any exotic foods yet?

Jina: “Yes I have tried Isaw (chicken/pork intestines on a stick), Chicken feet, Street Kikiam, but the last time I ate street Kikiam my stomach got sick. Over all I love Pork Isaw.”

wehrvst feature 3.png

W: How about more exotic foods like frogs, snakes, farm rats, bats, and one day old chick?

Jina: “My mom said that I have already tried eating frogs but I can’t really remember, I haven’t tried snakes or rats or bats. But the one day old chick? aww ‘Kawawa, ayoko na’ “wehrvst feature 4

Aside from studying Diplomatic Affairs, Jina also holds a black belt in  Kendo and Taekwondo. She’s also an active member of the community by participating in various community services organized by her father’s NGO.

wehrvst feature 5

Adorable as Always!






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