Humble Hustler Feature: Jina Kim


Jina Kim or “Jina” as her friends at Benilde call her, is a bubbly person with a genuine personality. Though she was born and raised in Korea, she is a pure Filipino by heart.

She is diplomat student at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde which is located at Taft Ave., Manila. You can actually see her walking at the hallways with her Korean style of clothes, matching her iconic bags, eyeglasses (that really makes her cute) and books. Yes, a lot of books!

We.Hrvst featured her as the Featured Humble Hustler because of how passionate she is on everything she does. She studies harder than anyone, trying her best to make friends, and be the best that she can be despite of the language gap. Though, she knows some of the basic Tagalog words such as “Ikaw na!”, “Okay na ba?”, “Oo.”, “Hindi pa.” and “Ang hirap!” Lastly, she also have priorities outside the school which is helping her parents in their business at Cavite.

From the whole we.hrvst family:
Jina, #StayOnTheGrind #StayHustleStayHumbleStayHungry!

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