The Revolution

Exactly 1 year ago, two people conceptualised a brand that will bring urban lifestyle and athletics to a whole new level. That is, combining the concepts of both. As a result, Undrftd MNL was established. Undrftd Manila aims to promote both the love of their sport and the growing urban lifestyle in the Philippines. After the first launch of Undrftd Mnl, they released their flagship shirts. Afterwards, the brand faces its first obstacle that nearly consumed their owners.

It was the brand owners’ problem in managing their time that started a disease that caused lack of commitment, motivation and credibility. Everything were actually doing good at the first place, plans and ideas were well but all these failed in execution. Detail by detail, the owners conceptualised, detail by detail they innovated. There were visible progress points but the two owners forgot to do that one thing. One important thing and that is the saying, “Never Kill Your momentum”. They killed the momentum. Resulting to mismanaged time caused a lot of cancelled meetings, cancelled shoots and delayed reproduction. Everything ended into a full stop.

Putting up the brand where it stands right now is like playing Jenga. With all of the people around you, where everything is delicately placed to its position and with just one wrong move, everything topples down.

In order for someone to progress to the future, should forget how they lived in the past” -Anonymous

After more than 3 weeks of rebooting the owners’ mindsets and goals, they both realized these things: commitment, hustle, motivation and inspiration all comes in one package deal. That is what we call PASSION. Both the owners of Undrftd Mnl has the passion as an athlete, for sports, for games and they aim to share to the world what their hearts are shouting for.

I am Mackie and this is my passion. The passion as an artist, for people to see the arts that I make and for people to appreciate and listen to the music I produce and play. This is my passion for life, this is what I love and for me to hustle and grind every single day. I will promise to stick to this commitment.

My commitment will also be your commitment. My motivation is YOU and all of the people around me. This is my passion. To make my mistakes bear fruits that will start a revolution. A revolution that will aim for the better. Together, me and you.


Much Love,
Mackie Daus

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